How to take create epic photos with your GoPro

September 03, 2016 3 min read

Hi! I'm Tyler Barks, a photographer, and want to give you my take on capturing epic GoPro photography.


Creating epic images with the GoPro is all about perspective and angles. The tiny powerful camera is designed to capture life like you have never seen, so you have to get creative and have fun. A lot of people contact me frustrated, asking why their photos do not look as dramatic as the videos and photos they see on GoPro.

The simple answer is having objects in both the foreground and background of the images. If you don’t have some type of depth any of your photos will look like a snapshot. The GoPro pole allows you to capture photos in a very unique way but one reason they look so different is the pole gives you a foreground perspective that leads you to the background. Same thing if you shot a photo of yourself while holding the GoPro, your arm leads the foreground into the background creativity a more dynamic image.




I personally still shoot with the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and pull amazing quality off of it. Photography is just as much about your creativity and perspective than your equipment. So don’t think if you don’t have the newest and best model of something, you can’t get quality images to wow your friends and family. Take some time out of your day and learn about all the elements and settings your GoPro has to offer.

Utilizing your GoPro settings and getting them tuned correct is one of the biggest factors to creating stunning images. The two key settings I use is protune and time lapse mode. Before timelapse mode I used the wireless remote, and took individual images. Sometimes it worked great but over time I started getting frustrated at how my images were turning out when I only had one or two to work with. Sometimes it was the angle or just the way I was positioned.

I set the time lapse mode to 5 seconds if it is just me, and 2 second for a group of people. After  I press the shutter I play with some different shots. When I do my over the back shots I usually start the camera up high and slowly lower it to get the different perspectives while posing and looking in different directions.  




Using time lapse mode you will get a lot more images to go through but more images are always better than less. You have more to choose from and can capture a moment in a more genuine way. It can allow you to play with different angles and over time you will know what looks best. Please note that if you have a smaller memory card it will fill up fast so if you are running low on space turn up the duration of shots up to conserve space.




I use Adobe lightroom for all my editing whether on a mobile device or desktop. Adobe Lightroom is one of the most powerful photography tools out there, allowing you to easily fine tune your images all from one software. You can create presets to speed up your editing time, sync settings to multiple edits and they even have lens correction custom fitted for the GoPro to eliminate some of the fisheye effect making your images look more dramatic.




No matter where you are in the world creating epic images breaks down to how you see the world. It takes a lot of practice and playing around with different angles. One of my favorite places to travel to is Havasupai in the Grand Canyon. I hiked it for my first time when I was 12 and have hiked it 7 times in my life. Every time go down there I work on capturing different angles of the trip and every year my images keep improving. Get creative, keep shooting and show the world life through your eyes.


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