Top 7 GoPro Instagrammers

August 27, 2016 1 min read

Below are our top 7 photographers and athletes who take the most epic GoPro photography.

#1 - Abe Kislevitz

Not only is he capable of taking surreal looking GoPro photogaphy, he is also masterful in his video editing skills. Currently boasting 89K followers. 


A photo posted by Abe Kislevitz (@abekislevitz) on

#2 - Kyle Ohlson

Originally from Oregon, Kyle enjoys shredding the mountains and the ocean. 

A photo posted by KYLE OHLSON (@kyleohlson) on


#3 - Lauren Parks

Her photos, editing, and caption are just all on point. 


#4 - Randy Schmidt

Currently residing in San Fransisco, Randy has a collection of amazing snowboarding and travel photography. 


#5 - Breeze Turner

An adventure seeker at heart, Breeze captures amazing paddle boarding photography.


#6 - Caleb Farro

Be it snowboarding, surfing, cliff jumping or any other extreme adventure, Caleb can do it all. 


A photo posted by Chris Farro (@chrisfarro) on

#7 - Thomas Kovacick

From sunset to adventure photography , Thomas has a way of bringing photos to life. 


So, who is your favorite GoPro Instagrammer? Mention in the comments below! 

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August 29, 2016

How about this one? :)

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